Food Theater

I was strolling around Flavor Bliss – Serpong area to grab some lunch. After looking through some references online, I decided to come over. The place was a bit ‘hidden’ inside Flavor Bliss area, so you can’t expect to park right in front of a restaurant and walk right in. No worries, it’s not a far walk, a 5-minutes walk would be enough to do the trick!

The place inside was well-lit and well-decorated, perfect for conducting events. It was the perfect combination of ‘white’ minimalist and garden theme. As it was surrounded by glass walls, light can come in from all sorts of direction, decorated with lots of ‘greens’ from terrarium, artificial grasses, and flowers. It is the perfect spot for shooting OOTD pictures or start your food photography. I could imagine myself eating in a cafe abroad over here!

So the place is nice, what about the food? The best part is, this great ambience is accompanied by good food!

Salmon Aglio Olio

It was salmon week during the time I visited the place, that’s why we decided to try one of their salmon selection. I tried their salmon aglio olio salad and it tasted surprisingly good! The salmon was quite fresh and large, well marinated too.

The pasta was also well-cooked and the spiciness level was just right, and it was very fragrant from the classic use of garlic, pepper, lemon, and grilled salmon too!

Turkey Baked Rice

I tried their turkey baked rice and it not only looked cute, it taste good too!

The texture of the rice was just right – not too soft or too hard, and it was slightly creamy from the cheese sauce. There was quite a lot of Turkey bits inside too which adds more texture and flavour to it. Everything in this dish was perfectly balanced, loved it!

Aside from the restaurant, it turns out that Food Theater is also a part of the LOKA group that opens the LOKA Supermarket, Baker hood, and Phillocoffee. I get to try some of the bread selection from bakerhood and they all tasted delicious as well. I would recommend the small cheese ball bread that I found being displayed right beside the cashier counter, the bread was a bit dense but soft, and there was this cheddar cube right in the middle. Tasted yum!


Food theater would be a nice place to hang out with friends, have small gatherings (birthday, bridal shower,-etc), dating, or even come with your family (when I was just about to step out of the restaurant, there was this family with 2 kids that is about to eat there).



Flavor Bliss, Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard, Serpong Utara, Tangerang

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