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I was invited to attend a foodie event at TGI Fridays, Puri Indah Mall yesterday. TGI Fridays is a worldwide American restaurant chain that focuses on casual dining, so everything is already standardized to be big-portion American sized.

As this is the Ramadhan month, they have a special Ramadhan set menu that offers you FREE TAKJIL! I will tell you further about this special set menu so stay tuned and continue reading!


The place has a very warm, homy, and cozy feel, perfect for a casual business lunch or family lunch/dinner.



Strawberry shortcake (milkshake) –  IDR49,000++


The strawberry milkshake was perfect! It was very creamy from the ice cream but it was not too sweet. I can taste a teeny bit sour taste from the strawberries even though it was very subtle, but it really perfectly balanced this drink!

Virgin mango caramel mojito – IDR 49,000 ++


I tried one of their mocktail and I love this creation! I can taste and smell the subtle sweet scent of mango.



Since it is the holy month or Ramadhan, TGI Fridays have a special Ramadhan set menu for 4 pax at IDR389,900++. I get the chance to try this set menu, and let me tell you, the portion is HUGE! I think it is even fitting enough to feed 5 people!

Ramadhan Platter for 4 pax – IDR 389,900++
Caesar Salad

The Ceasar Salad was well balanced in its seasoning. The cheese and Caesar salad dressing was not too much, accompanied by the crispy crunchy texture of the fresh vegetables, leaving you craving for more!

Garlic bread

Personally I don’t feel like the garlic bread really suit my taste. I can’t really taste/smell the garlic, it was too bland and dry for my taste.


The coleslaw dressing was also perfect! It’s not too sweet and the sauce was not too runny. While the Caesar salad is geared towards salty and creamy taste from the cheese, the Coleslaw is sweeter from mayonaise.

Farfelle Alfredo Pasta


Even though this wasn’t suppose to be the highlight of the meal, several of us agreed that this is our favorite dish of the day!

I loove that the pasta was neither under or overcooked. I can taste the creamy Alfredo sauce that is very cheesy yet doesn’t make you feel like it’s ‘too much cheese’. They also topped it with fresh tomato dices to neutralize the whole dish. Well done!

On a side note, this farfalle pasta was HUGE! The pasta was served and a large plate that it looked unappetizing, but don’t judge the pasta by its looks, right??


Chicken Platter
As part of the Ramadhan platter, you get three (yes, THREE!) different types of well marinated chicken. This chicken platter is packed with succulent Sriracha marinated grilled chicken breast, BBQ roasted chicken, and juicy pan seared black pepper chicken thigh. Each flavor is also accompanied with 3 different sauce.
For weight watchers, you will surely like the sriracha grilled chicken. Even though it says sriracha, I personally can’t taste any of the sriracha, it was like a simple grilled chicken. Nevertheless, I still like it because it was still very fragrant and flavorfull just as it is.
The black pepper chicken is a little bit too salty but otherwise it was delicious! In fact, amongst all the sauce, I like the black pepper sauce the most! The taste and fragrance of black pepper was perfectly balanced, love it!
The BBQ chicken was cooked and marinated perfectly, but it tasted standard, just like any ordinary BBQ chicken.
I’ve always have a thing called the ‘sweet tooth’, so I can’t finish my meal without a good plate of dessert, and this really does its job well! The chocolate brownie was not the moist and soft type of brownie, it was pretty dense and very ‘chocolatey’, but then it’s not too sweet.
Let me give you a sneek peak of TGI Fridays soon-to-be new menu, the WORLD WINGS TOUR! They will be serving 5 different taste of chicken wings that represents 5 different countries. Since this menu is still ‘under construction’, we only get to try 3 – sriracha (Thailand), BBQ (USA) , and garlic parmesan (Italy). All was good and it’s very hard for me to pick my favorite! The sriracha wings was garnished with GRAPES, wierd but delicious!

Adventurous foodie minds would surely love to try all 5 of these wings, it will be launched soon, right after Ramadhan ended!

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TGI Fridays Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Street Gallery, Lantai Ground, Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, Pondok Indah, Jakarta


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