Comfy Florals

It was the last day of work before the long Lebaran week holidays. Traffic in Jakarta would be the best this time of the year as everyone goes back to their hometown to visit their family and friends.

Holiday mood has come, offices began to feel scarce as many also opt to pre-extend their long weekend by taking annual leave. This leaves me and a handful of my friends to be left alone in the quiet office.

We really wanted to enjoy the traffic-less Jakarta city at this time of the year, so we plan to have fun by having some lunch out for the day. Thus I was really thinking of wearing something comfy and a bit loose, not too formal as the office is practically empty, while not detaching my feminine style and personality.




I love wearing the simple blue blouse. It was loose and comfy, perfect for lazy-office-day-out with my friends. A touch of some floral scuba skirt was perfect to add some highlight and ‘accessorize’ my whole outfit. It also gives some feminine vibe. It’s just perfect- not too casual, comfortable, and suitable for any occasions!




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