Ezo Cheesecake – PIK, Jakarta

CALLING ALL CHEESECAKE LOVERS! There’s a new happening cheesecake in J-town and it is located in one of Jakarta’s food heaven – Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK).

Claredelfia was sent a couple of Ezo’s signature cheese tarts and their signature cheesecake, conveniently delivered to her front door. It was so good that she decided to physically come and visit their cafe at PIK incognito, just to buy more of their products and actually feel the ambiance of the place.





The place wasn’t very big, it is the size of your typical cake/cafe shop, yet it was well decorated- simple but cute. It exudes a French-Japanese aura, where the decoration was not too over-the-top French, simplified by its Japanese counterpart.

Before I go into their signature cheesecake and tartlets, I would like to point out that Ezo cheesecake also have a small bakery in front of the cashier counter. The bread here was typical of a Japanese bread – very soft and fluffy!

The price wasn’t too expensive either. It was priced starting from IDR8,000. Some of their more ‘sophisticated’ bread would be around IDR12,000-IDR16,000.

Their signature bread was the Ovomaltine brioche and the Cookies & Cream. Both was very soft and fluffy, not too airy nor too dense. The Ovomaltine bread was not too sweet and the Cookies & Cream bread actually have 1 whole Oreo cookie stuffed and baked inside. Nyum!

They also serve mini Tiramisu in a cup. Even though I didn’t try it, the Tiramisu sure looks very nice and appetizing!



Moving onto one of their signature item – CHEESE TARTS! I absolutely adore their cheese tarts, even more than their signature cheesecakes! There wasn’t a lot of cheese tarts in Jakarta, but I can assure you that this is definitely one of the best. I was quite taken aback by its fair price too – IDR12,000 per piece. You can get it for IDR68,000 if you purchase a box of 6 tartlets (mix & match your own flavors).

I try four of their signature tartlets – Nutella Cheesebomb, Blueberry Cheese, Choco Oreo, and Original.  I picture two ways of eating these cheese tarts – frozen & melted. It will attain a soft custard texture when heated.

I wouldn’t expect much when cheese & chocolate is combine, because usually the chocolate would overpower the cheese, but it is not the same with Ezo’s signature Nutella Cheesebomb tartlet. I could most definitely taste the Nutella, yet it compliments the cheese so well and doesn’t overpower it instead.

The blueberry cheese was nice with a bit of sour/tangy blueberry flavor. It’s almost like cheesy blueberry yogurt. On the other hand, I wouldn’t favor the choco oreo tart as much as the other 3 flavors I tried. Though it is still good, I didn’t find anything too unique or distinguished. There wasn’t enough Oreos for it to be called ‘choco oreo’.


Personally, my favorite would be the Nutella Cheesebomb, Blueberry Cheese, and Original flavors.



Ezo Cheesecake has three flavors for their cheesecake – Original, Matcha, and Chocolate. As an avid cheesecake lover, I would like to try my cheesecake ‘naked’ with no modification, thus I decided to try the original cheesecake instead of the modified Matcha or Chocolate cheesecake.

Their cheesecake was very soft. Divided into two layers – the first one has a texture of the combination between mousse & whip cream, while the second one has a texture of the combination between sponge cake & brownie. It was very soft and light, I could actually finish one slice without even realizing it.


Overall I would really love to comeback to Ezo and purchase more of their products, especially their cheese tarts! Their cheesecake is also good for any occasion – birthday, anniversary, or simply when you are craving some delicious cheesecake!


Ezo Cheesecakes & Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Ruko Elang Laut, Blok D No. 37, Jl. Pantai Indah Selatan, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta


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