Yoze Premium Tiramisu Dessert

Calling all dessert – particularly TIRAMISU lovers! There is a new tiramisu dessert in town, and it is called YOZE TIRAMISU. If you are an avid tiramisu/dessert lover, yet you find it hard finding high-quality and delicious Tiramisu, then I believe you have found the answer to all your Tiramisu problems.

Yoze Tiramisu – IDR120,000/4 Cups


Yoze Tiramisu is actually developed by one of my foodie friend. However, I credit myself as an objective foodie, so you can trust that I am not singing praises for Yoze’s product just because of mere connections. In fact, because I personally know its maker, I can vouch for myself that the ingredients used for making this Tiramisu is definitely safe and of high quality.



Yoze Tiramisu

In general, I am not a big fan of Tiramisu. Tiramisu usually uses soft foam/cream for its layers. Several Tiramisu I had usually uses cream with texture slightly lighter than whip cream, which makes it taste cheap and too airy.

However, Yoze Tiramisu have a very soft, semi-custard & mousse texture, which makes it really well-balanced, not too light or too heavy. When I started eating the Tiramisu, I can see & taste the liquid coffee oozing out of the Tiramisu. The coffee really accentuate the flavor, making it slightly bitter-sweet. They also use light wine to give it premium sweetness.

I am quite lucky that I am amongst the first to taste-test their product. As of right now, Yoze Tiramisu is only available via online delivery. For safety packing purposes (plus, you don’t want to waste your delivery fee for 1 small cup, do you?), the minimum purchase is 4 cups at IDR120,000. No worries, because the size wasn’t too big (personal cup-size), and I believe that you won’t be satisfied with just one cup!


The product is packed safely, I have personally tested their packaging design and the Tiramisu dessert arrived safely with none that is toppling over.

In addition for personal consumption, you can also send this as a gift to your family and friends. It tastes delicious, and the box is also designed quite elegantly so that it would be a fitting gift for anyone. Overall I really love this Tiramisu dessert, I think I would purchase more for myself.

Interested? You can order via line @yoze.id and instagram yoze.id. As this is a premium Tiramisu dessert, handcrafted one by one by its owner, you need to place your order H-3 before your desired delivery date.


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