Turkuaz – Senopati, Jakarta

It was lunch time and I was quite bored with the all-too-often western/chinese/indonesian food that I’ve had everyday. After browsing for sometime, I stumbled upon this particular restaurant that seemed to be a crowd pleaser when I read most of its reviews. I thought, “Middle-eastern food would be fun to try!”, so here I was at Turkuaz in Senopati – Gunamarwan area!


When I arrived, the front door seemed nothing like an upper-class restaurant. It looks very old and slightly unattended. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” they say, and yes it was definitely true because once I stepped inside the restaurant, the vibe and impression it gave me was nothing like the front door!

It was a bit dark inside even though it’s very bright outside, but everything was decorated very elegantly. It’s not your typical European-style elegance, it’s more like Middle-eastern royalty. The decor was mainly dominated by turquoise/tosca and gold colors .


Just by looking at the decoration and various layout of the utensils, I knew that it would be at the same level to that of a fine-dining restaurant.

The waiter that attended us was top-notch and professional, he was definitely very well-trained and aware of the proper etiquette and mannerism. As the menu was in foreign language (I guess it’s in Turkish?), we had quite a hard time trying to decipher their menu. He was very friendly and he could eloquently explain to us all the different varieties of their menus. The service was truly one of the best I’ve experienced so far.

CAY – IDR35,000++

Cay (Turkish Tea) – IDR35,000++

I thought that it would be proper to drink Turkish tea with Turkish meal at a Turkish restaurant. The glasses they gave you was very cute, it’s slightly bigger then your typical shot glasses. The tea had a very strong and thick lemon flavor, to the point that it was slightly too sour.


Sigarra Boregi – IDR55,000++

The waiter recommended this as our starter, stating that it was one of their favorite starter item on the menu. Since the description says “fried rolled Turkish white cheese and parsley in phyllos”, the word ‘cheese’ itself was enough to make me order one of these babies.

Even though it was quite expensive for 3 pieces of cheese rolls, it was very delicious! I could really taste the cheese inside but it wasn’t too overwhelming or too salty. It was very appetizing and not oily despite being deep-fried. Despite the price, I am really glad I ordered and try these! Among all the appetizers I’ve tried, this one was one of the most memorable one. I was really trying hard to keep myself from ordering another serving in fear that I won’t be able to finish the rest of our ordered items.


Sebzelli Musakka – IDR115,000++

This was basically sauteed vegetables. It was a bit expensive, but on the bright side, they give you a big serving in one plate. It was good, even though it’s slightly too oily and bland for my taste. Since I ate it without rice, I could stuff myself full by sharing a serving of these for 2 people. However, if you are a typical Indonesian person that needs to eat rice with every meal, you could definitely share this for 3-4 person and order other items on their menu.

LAMB DURME – IDR160,000++

Lamb Durme – IDR160,000++

This was basically almost like a Turkish version of Lasagna. You could choose the meat between chicken (IDR130,000++), beef (IDR140,000++), or lamb (IDR160,000++). I don’t usually eat Lamb because if they are not cooked properly, I really don’t like the smell of lamb. However, since I was visiting a Turkish restaurant, I might as well take the risk and try the Lamb variety.

It was very good and isn’t disappointing at all! The lamb meat was minced, cooked, and seasoned very nicely. They definitely give you a generous serving of this, it was about 15-18cm long. Moreover, it was wrapped in thin layer of crepe-like dough and topped with mozzarella cheese. PERFECT!

Lamb Durme – IDR160,000++

Turkuaz also sell a few Turkish sweets provided in their counter. Even though I didn’t try it, I still can’t miss out on taking a few snaps on their beautifully decorated counter!


Turkuaz was definitely a top-notch Turkish restaurant. Even though it was a bit pricey,  I thought that it was quite fair given the location of the restaurant, the service, ambience, quality, taste, and portion of their menu items. Most of their main course comes in huge servings you could share it with 2-3 people.


I would definitely come back and bring more crowd with me next time so that I can try more of their menu items!


Turkuaz Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Jl. Gunawarman No. 32, Senopati, Jakarta


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