Akira Back Indonesia – MD Building, Setiabudi

Akira Back is an upscale fine dining restaurant at South Jakarta. It has been a well-known restaurant for some time now. It has been serving premium food at premium service and ambiance.


When we came inside, we immediately get seated by a very well-groomed and professional-looking waitress. The restaurant was very spacious, capable of accommodating at least 200 people. It was decorated with a mild Japanese-minimalist style – very classy!

Once seated, we were given a ‘peculiar’ stone with a small opening filled with water, and a compressed tablet napkin. I was personally quite amused as I watched that napkin get soaked in water and expand into a full-sized napkin. It was a simple and small encounter, yet very unique and amusing because I’ve never find restaurants providing you with these ‘magic’ tablet napkin!


I noticed that there was a business lunch set package menu where you get a 3-course meal for a mere IDR180,000++. It was quite a good deal so I opted this one for myself.

Kimche-ese Sliders

Kimche-ese Slider
Kimche-ese Slider

To make things simpler, this was basically a baby Kimchi burger. I didn’t put high expectations for a mere ‘burger’, but this was definitely VERY GOOD! The short-ribs patty was topped with kimchi, cheese, and gabo chips (made of taro) at the sides. The Kimchi was perfect, not overly fermented and not too sour. The patty was just right, very savory and not too fatty. The plating was gorgeous!

Pan-fried Flounder

Pan-fried Flounder

I was quite surprised when this came, because this was supposed to be the main course but the portion was even smaller than that mini slider! Nevertheless, it was definitely one of the best 2 tiny pieces of pan-fried flounder I’ve ever had! It was slightly crunchy on the outside but still very tender on the inside. The sauce was so good and I can’t even describe it with just one or two words, because it was just amazing!

Black Sesame Cheesecake

Black Sesame Cheesecake

Black Sesame and Cheesecake – two of my favorite food combined, how can I resist?? The cheesecake was very creamy but not very smooth because there were small grinds of black sesame mixed inside. The black sesame was very distinct yet it does not overpower the cheese at all. Everything was perfectly balanced!



Overall I really love all the food served! I really wish I have sampled other menus as well because the food served was definitely a pleasure both to the taste-buds and the eyes. The business lunch package, in my opinion, was more like sample menus because everything was served at tiny portions. However, everything was so good that I regretted not ordering more for myself!

Akira Back Indonesia Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

MD Place Bulding, Penthouse Level, Jl. Setiabudi Selatan No. 7, Setiabudi, Jakarta


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