Bermvda Coffee – PIK, Jakarta

You may asked: “Isn’t it ‘Bermuda’ instead of ‘Bermvda’?”, the answer would be: “Nope, I spelled it right!”. It is read as ‘Bermuda’ though..

Joining the current Coffee hype at Jakarta, Bermvda Coffee is a new coffee shop that opened at Ruko Cordoba, Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). The location is quite secluded and it wasn’t too big, but you can definitely recognize the place when you see their unique logo.


It was awfully crowded when I visited Bermvda Coffee. Fully packed, I saw a couple group of people that have to go back with disappointment as they can’t find a place for themselves to be seated.

Bermvda coffee area was a tad small, they were only able to accommodate 25-30 people at a maximum. It was lighted with dim and yellow lights so you might find it difficult to get good pictures inside. No worries, as a highly dedicated blogger, I brought my food outside to get good lighting for my shots!

Aside from coffee, Bermvda Coffee also serve waffles. Their waffles was quite unique mainly because of the unique shape it has – the same shape as its logo.

Caffe Latte – IDR35,000

Caffe Latte – IDR35,000

Their coffee was the type to leave a sour aftertaste, so I will leave it up to your preference to decide which type of coffee you’d like – sour or bitter after taste.

Caffe Latte – IDR35,000

Straw-Very-Good Cheese – IDR45,000

Their waffles suite my liking well. It was a good combination between toasted bread and waffles. Its a bit crunchy at the edges but more chewy and soft towards the middle.

It wasn’t too sweet at all. In fact, the sweet, sour, and salty from the vanilla ice cream, strawberry, and shredded cheddar cheese really compliment each other well. My only complaint would be its small portion relative to the price, and the fact that the ice cream came half-melted already when it was served.

Straw-Very-Good Cheese – IDR45,000

Aside from sweet waffles, they also serve savory ones. I’ve heard a lot of people liked their Egg-Spam-Dable, where the waffle is topped with spam over poached eggs, torched mozarella cheese, and cheese sauce. Unfortunately, I came after having a full-fledged lunch so I am in the mood for the sweet waffle variation instead.

On a side note, while the waiter came serving my coffee, I saw him carrying another variation of their savory waffle – the Tun-a-May-zing. I immediately took the chance to take a shot of this dish before he served it to the neighboring table. The savory variation looks very good,  I would definitely order this one for myself if I get a chance to visit the place again.

Tun-a-May-zing – IDR50,000

I thought that their waffles was quite delicious. It’s a very suitable menu for a light meal.



In case some of you asked, There is no extra charge for tax & service at Bermvda Coffee.

Overall, Bermvda Coffee shop is definitely a place worth trying, especially if you are finding something light and easy to munch on too.

BERMVDA Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Ruko Cordoba, Blok H No. 30, Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta 14470








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