Martabak Warisan – TB Simatupang, Jakarta

Martabak Warisan is one of the many food stalls located at Saung Kuliner, TB Simatupang. Saung Kuliner is made to be similar to an outdoor cafetaria. Clusters of mini food stalls gathered with a common area in the middle for visitors who come and eat.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMartabak is a popular common street-food found easily all around Jakarta. There is the sweet and savory version of Martabak, though each variation bears no resemblance to each other at all. There has been a Martabak hype nowadays, with people getting more and more creative with the topping and presentation of Martabak.

What makes Martabak Warisan unique is the option to make your Martabak healthy. Yes, you heard me right, that sweet devilish street-snack can be made to be healthy too!

You may reckon how do you make this wonderful guilty-pleasure ‘healthy’. At Martabak Warisan, you can choose the base flour used for the batter- high fiber wheat flour, or regular flour. You can also opt for low-fat milk instead of regular ones and customize the amount of butter and toppings used on top of your Martabak. All substitutions does not incur any extra charge at all!

Nutty Choco Cheezz – IDR 47,000

I choose to order the all-time favorite Nutty Choco Cheezz with regular flour, regular milk, and full toppings. As the name suggests, the toppings used was peanuts, chocolate sprinkles, and cheese. The batter at Martabak Warisan was dense and the toppings (especially the CHEESE) was quite generous!

Nutty Choco Cheezz – IDR47,000

(Healthy) Cheezy Banana – IDR44,000

I also try their ‘healthier’ option, the Cheeze Banana with wheat flour, less butter, regular milk and toppings.

I was quite curious what would Martabak with wheat flour taste like? Turns out it was quite good! I like this healthier option, it was much denser yet more chewy than the regular one. However, because I asked for less butter, it’s almost like a fusion of brownies and Martabak.

Cheezy Banana – IDR44,000

I would say that the overall taste of Martabak Warisan to be ‘standard’, yet I find that their creation of healthy Martabak to be quite amusing. The service was also quite impeccable, as the one manning the station was very friendly and accommodating. As Martabak is such a common street-food, service truly brings another valuable add-on to the place.


It is worth the try for anyone craving for Martabak in the area to come and visit Martabak Warisan. Don’t forget to try their ‘healthy’ Martabak because I haven’t found it anywhere except here!

Martabak Warisan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Saung Kuliner Simatupang. Jl. TB Simatupang, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta




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      1. hmm selera sih… klo si martabak boss lebih tebal adonannya jadi terlalu terigu buat aku.. aku lebih prefer yang ketebalan normal hehe.. Yg ini juga oke sih, bisa customise gitu aja unik nya.. otherwise selera aja suka mana 🙂

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