3 Wise Monkeys – Senopati, Jakarta

As the name suggests, 3 Wise Monkeys’ symbol is depicted by 3 monkeys. The restaurant is located in Senopati, Jakarta. It was quite spacious, the front area is dominated with the color black. Black walls and furniture. Even though it was dark in color, you have no problem with lighting inside.


Judging from the name of the restaurant, I thought that 3 Wise Monkeys would offer brunch or western-asian fusion menu. I was proven wrong when I first open their menu. 3 Wise Monkeys offers wide array of Japanese cuisines. You can choose to eat a la carte or the all-you-can-eat option at IDR189,900++/pax.

3 Wise Monkeys Special Roll – IDR72,000++

3 Wise Monkeys Special Roll – IDR72,000

The 3 Wise Monkey Special Roll is a fusion sushi roll where the Salmon Roll is combined with yummy cream cheese filling, kani (crab) sticks, and topped with mayonnaise. The size was quite big, and it tastes very good as they compliment each other really well.



Shoyu Butter Chicken – IDR45,000++

Presentation wise I really love the shoyu butter chicken. It was quite crispy and savory, only too oily for my liking.

Shoyu Butter Chicken – IDR45,000++
Shoyu Butter Chicken – IDR45,000++


Kanitama Innaniwa – IDR68,000++

Kanitama Innaniwa – IDR68,000++

This is a simple bowl of noodle with clear broth and eggs mixed inside. I liked it because it’s very savory and mild. The broth was also very fragrant and there were shredded kani (crab) sticks inside.


Tuna Tataki – IDR48,000++

3 Wise Monkeys Special Roll – IDR72,000++

It’s a very simple yet amusing dish. I am not a big fan of tuna, but the tuna served over 3 Wise Monkeys was quite fresh. It’s lightly seared and marinated, which adds more taste yet doesn’t overpower the natural taste of tuna in itself.




I would say that I’ve had a pleasant experience during my visit to 3 Wise Monkeys. I would definitely try the AYCE package if I came here again for my second visit.

3 Wise Monkeys Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Jl. Suryo No. 26, Senopati, Jakarta


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