Benscrub’s Birthday at LEWIS & CARROLL TEA (PLUS the unboxing – What’s inside the box..??)


For those of you who have yet to know, Bencrub is a local e-commerce store that provides all the ‘babes’ out there with premium organic beauty products.

I was quite honored to be invited to Benscrub’s private party celebrating its 2nd birthday less than 2 weeks ago. Beautiful ‘babes’ and notable fashion bloggers attend the party held at Lewis and Carroll Tea. When I came, I was quite taken aback by the beautiful lovely decoration they have put up for the event.

They even give you personalized name tag, card, and a surprise box right from the start of the party! Such a sweet gesture!


It was a pink & white themed party, we had fun chatting with each other, playing games (blind-guessing different serum brands!), even Tarot card reading (sst.. it was quite accurate too!)



The party (sadly) ended with the cake, and it was such an ADORABLE cake indeed!

Once again, happy 2nd anniversary Benscrub! It was an honor attending your birthday celebration, and I wish you great success for the future ahead of you!


So this is the part I’ve been waiting to tell my you all – the UNBOXING! To celebrate, Benscrub gave some goodie bags for all the ‘babes’ that attend the party, and let me tell you, the contents was quite festive & amazing!


Isn’t the packaging just beautiful and lovely? This is not just for giveaways or party events, they ALWAYS packed their products like this! The host say that they want customers to feel like receiving a birthday gift every time they got a package from Benscrub, thus each package was packed very nice and intricately.

So, what’s inside the box, brace yourselves because her it coomeess!!

Make-up removing facial wipes

This is definitely one of the most handy one! I really love the extremely soft yet fragrant smell from each sheet of facial wipes. In addition, it is infused with exfoliating Grapefruit, cleansing Apple, and calming Chamomile to clear and balance out your pores. It’s not just a simple facial wipe, they actually put an extra mile and try to give some added value to your skin while you’re at it!


Sukin – Detoxifying claf mask & Rich facial moisturiser



Both of these products worked hand-in-hand to promote a clean, healthy, and glowing complexion to your skin. Not to mention, it smells great too!

Thursday Plantation Nurture-oil


I haven’t try this particular product because I have not experience any dry, dehydrated, or sun-damaged skin that desperately needs some ‘reparation’. That said, I’ve seen really good reviews about this one!

22 Piece on-the-go Palette

This is without a doubt my FAVORITE PRODUCT so far! It’s a description of a perfect mini-bomb! Inside this compact little black box, there are twenty two (YES! TWENTY TWO!) make-up palettes with various color combinations!


Top Palatte – 10 eyeshadows & 1 dual-ended eyeshadow applicator


Middle Palette – 5 lip glosses & 1 lip brush


Bottom Palette – 3 blushes, 1 face brush, and 1 mascara


Beautiful isn’t it? It’s almost like a girl’s magic box! I am the type to bring a lOT of stuff on my bag, so my bag is usually pretty heavy, this little baby definitely save a lot of space and added weight for my bag! A must-have item on the go!

Hair mask & Body Scrub

I was very excited to see this particular product because i desperately need some DIY at-home hair mask/body scrub to relax myself. Thanks Benscrub!



That (sadly) ends our Benscrub surprise goodie bag! If you are interested in any of their products, you can visit their instagram (@bencrub) or website ( and order one for yourselves! I personally would recommend the 22-palette make-up set on the go, it’s such a work of magic!






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