Lewis & Carroll Tea – Blok M, Jakarta

Lewis & Carroll Tea is located at Blok M area. Anyone that is trying to find a good place to chill & hangout, or a place for food/fashion bloggers to satisfy their lust for photography, you’ve got to come here!

It was decorated at a simple yet elegant way. I was quite surprised when I arrived because it certainly was one of the largest tea house I’ve ever visited.


Lewis & Carroll serves various types of tea: Black, Black Blend, White, White Blend, Herbal, Green, Green Blend, Oolong, Oolong Blend, Spice, Fruits, or Flower. Each type of tea has their own signature, heritage, or legacy tea. The signature tea are usually the cheapest – priced at IDR40,000++ per pot.

Since they have lots of tea variations, you’ll find it difficult to take your pick. No worries, because they even provide you with tea samples you can smell before ordering your desired tea!

Tea Samples!
Cute pots
They are held for sale if anyone is interested

Lewis and Carroll is truly meant for Instagram. It’s a 3-storey building, and the decor, lighting, and space are truly remarkable!


Bruschetta Beef – IDR45,000++

I absolutely love their Bruschetta! The baguette used was very soft and crispy, the beef was quite generous and seasoned perfectly!

Bruschetta Beef – IDR45,000++
Bruschetta Beef – IDR45,000++

Truffle Fries – 50,000++

It really looks like your ordinary shoestring fries, but it certainly carries its own charm. The fries was not oily and fried at a nice cooking level – not overcooked that hardens the fries, nor is it under cooked and all soggy from the oil. They seasoned with the right amount of salt, and the truffle was subtle and not overwhelming. Nice!

Truffle Fries – IDR50,000++

Crusted Grilled Chicken – IDR 90,000++

The appetizers came out well, so I was having high expectations for my entree. However, i was very disappointed on both its presentation and taste.

Crusted Grilled Chicken – IDR90,000++

First of all, while the chicken was tender, it was also very bland and tasteless. I thought the crust would came crispy, but this is very thin and soggy. The mashed potatoes was also very bland, literally tastes like a plain mashed boiled potatoes.

Kyoto Matcha Pannacota – IDR60,000++

Everyone say that the Matcha Pannacota at Lewis and Carroll is a must try item, so I decided to give it a try..

Matcha Pannacota – IDR60,000++

The verdict?? It’s officially the most NOT worth-it Pannacota I’ve ever tasted. Aside from the extremely expensive price and the small portion, the taste was just so-so. It was not as creamy and dense as what I imagined a premium Pannacota would be. Pannacota sold at the likes of Panna Cotta Etc that costs 40-50% cheaper would be a much better option.


It’s hard for me to say this, but overall Lewis & Carroll is the type of place that is only good to sit, chat, and take photos. Tea connoisseurs would probably love the extensive variations they provided, the appetizers are quite good if you need something to chew on, but I wouldn’t count on their main course when I am extremely hungry.

Lewis & Carroll Tea Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Jl. Bumi No. 4, Blok M, Jakarta


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