Second Home – CITOS, Jakarta

To all the cool kids of South Jakarta, there’s a new place in town called the Second Home restaurant and Bar!


Second Home features a casual Italian dining and bar. You could sit here and enjoy a simple beverage, some light bites, or even satisfy your hunger while you’re at it!


I was quite honored to be one of the first to taste their wide variety of menu choices at this super cozy and comfy place at Second Home.


They called an Italian chef to cook and create these amazing and mouth-watering food. That it self had spiked up my adrenaline and excitement to try just about everything offered on my plate!

Pisa Pizza (30cm diameter) – IDR278,000++

I must say that Second Home really give it their all in trying to create a unique Italian pizza with a slight Asian twist.

Pisa Pizza – IDR278,000++
Pisa Pizza – IDR278,000++

I nice pat on the back is quite deserving for creating such magnificent-looking pizza. Yet I can’t help but find some minor areas of improvement that could really help to improve this beautiful dish!


The pizza dough was alright, but the salmon and shrimp topping was a bit off for me. It was a teeny bit too salty, perhaps they could go easy on the salt since they’ve used smoked salmon which is already salted in the first place. The shrimp was a bit overcooked so it doesn’t taste all that fresh and crunchy anymore.


It was a bit pricey, but I guess the ingredients used – especially the salmon ikura (salmon caviar) really makes the price much steeper. It was a good dish, but a few tweaks would really do great!

Crazy Cow (30cm diameter) – IDR295,000++

Another crazy pizza variation from Second Home – the CRAZY COW! The look itself would be a head-turner because on top of using beef steak wagyu, they also use those beautiful golden fries to highlight every pizza slices!

Crazy Cow – IDR295,000++
Crazy Cow – IDR295,000++

This was a much preferred pizza over the previous one. The tomato sauce was quite fragrant and it blends well with the overall taste of the pizza. The wagyu beef was very tender and juicy – superb!

I thought that all the pizza at Second home could really use more cheese. At the end of the day, it is still an Italian restaurant and I expected them to not over-modernize everything.


Spaghetti Macking – IDR189,000++

Spaghetti Macking – IDR189,000++
Spaghetti Macking – IDR189,000++

After asking around, this was one of the favorite menu of quite a number of foodies at our table! The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente style.The Majestic looking King Prawn and the Macallan single malt sauce really does provide a pleasant twist – sweet and sour, salty and tangy, very nice!

Homemade Ravioli Ricotta Spinach served with bolognaise – IDR79,000++

Ravioli ricotta spinach – IDR79,000++
Ravioli Ricotta Spinach – IDR79,000++
Raviolli Ricotta Spinach – 79,000++

This was a pleasant dish but it wasn’t special. The bolognaise sauce was nice, but I thought the spinach filling was a little bit dry. However, I like the ravioli dough because it wasn’t too thick or too thin for my taste.


Spaghetti King Prawn – IDR109,000++

This looks really similar to Spaghetti Macking described above, the difference is that this one is creamier and cooked more similar to aglio olio style pasta.

Spaghetti King prawn – IDR109,000++
Spaghetti King prawn – IDR109,000++

A slight twist of this dish with your regular aglio olio is a dash of seafood stock simmered together with the pasta. Sadly, their attempt to make it different doesn’t suite my taste quite well. It became too ‘fishy’ for my taste.. Otherwise, it would taste really great as the pasta was once again cooked very nicely at al dente !



Grandma Tiramisu – IDR58,000++

ON TO THE DESSERT! Desserts are the highlight of my every meal, so I was really anticipating the dessert from Second Home!

Grandma Tiramisu – IDR58,000++


Grandma Tiramisu – IDR

Beautiful presentation, delicious taste too! The cream is a bit heavier than your usual light Tiramisu dessert – very nice and fluffy! This one doesn’t have a very strong coffee taste/aroma, but it really depends on every individual’s preference.


Grandma Tiramisu – IDR58,000++

I thought the presentation was quite nice. The portion size was big too, enough for 2 people in my opinion.

Calzone Nutella Banana – IDR58,000++

This one really looks good and appetizing. We were anticipating a generous chocolate banana filling oozing out of the calzone when we sliced it open, but alas, everyone sigh in disappointment as it turns out to be an inflated crepe with no filling inside!

Calzone Nutella Banana – IDR58,000++
Calzone Nutella Banana – IDR58,000++

I thought the crepe was quite nice – thick and crispy. Plus, you can’t go wrong with anything nutella and banana! I just thought that it wouldn’t be worth it to pay that much for such a simple crepe..


Overall I thought the food was pleasant. A few tweaks on their pizza (more cheese and less salt?) and calzone would really do! Otherwise, you should reaallyy try their Spaghetti Macking – it was reaallyy good! The place also have a very nice and cozy ambiance, perfect for having a date or chit-chat with your family and friends!

Second Home Restaurant and Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Townsquare Cilandak, Lantai Ground, Jl. TB Simatupang, Cilandak, Jakarta


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