ASTIG – PIK, Jakarta

ASTIG at Pantai Indah Kapuk offers various authentic Philippines cuisine. The owner of this establishment is an Indonesian/Filipino couple, so there shouldn’t be any doubt regarding its taste and authenticity.

The place wasn’t heavily decorated, a very simple restaurant compared to the usually fancy and heavily decorated establishments around the area. Yet, mere decorations are not an indication of top quality and taste. In fact, the owner said that Trans 7 team once came and create a live report of the food at ASTIG.


Before we proceed, let me warn you that there would be severe pork porn alert! Most of the dishes served over ASTIG are pork based. However, they also accommodate non-pork eating foodies by creating a halal version (using beef/fish) of the respective dishes.

The owner was very friendly and accommodating. If you are not familiar with a Filipino dish, she would gladly explain the all the dish served herself.

Frisco Cooler – IDR25,000++ || Cucumber Lime – IDR25,000++

So the Frisco cooler is basically carrot juice and the cucumber lime is cucumber juice. These are the two types of vegetable juice that I would NORMALLY opt out. Not to be mistaken, I LOOVEE vegetable, but I just thought that carrots and cucumbers are best eaten as it is.

However, I am NOT exaggerating when I say that this is probably the one of the carrot/cucumber juice I’d drink when offered on the table! Some people may feel disgusted by the apparent carrot/cucumber smell in the juice, but it was so faint that you almost couldn’t tell there was carrots inside!

Cucumber Lime – IDR25,000++
Frisco Cooler – IDR25,000++

The cucumber lime was my friend’s beverage so I only try a little bit of hers, but I liked it and it’s really not ‘disgusting’ at all. The Frisco Cooler (carrot), on the otherhand was surprisingly GOOD!

I almost couldn’t tell there’s carrots inside because it almost tastes like orange/pineapple juice instead. The owner said that they also add a dash of ginger (and a bunch of other vegetables I couldn’t even remember… I just concluded that it’s healthy.. haha) inside. Everything was freshly made, so you could see the residue floating on top if you leave it as it is for a few seconds.

Stuffed Squid – IDR45,000++

Stuffed Squid – IDR45,000++

Looks good isn’t it..?? I think squid lovers would love this dish. It is stuffed with tomatoes/onion-based filling, with a little kick of sour taste from lime.

Stuffed Squid – IDR45,000++
Stuffed Squid – IDR45,000++

Garlic Rice – IDR12,000++

Garlic Rice – IDR12,000++

The garlic rice is very fragrant. At first glance, the size of the garlic rice looked like your regular-shaped rice bowl. However, it sure was a heavily stuffed rice bowl because it is very dense and fluffy! I even thought they use Japanese rice at first!

Garlic Rice – IDR12,000++

You know what’s even better..? Such nice and fragrant garlic rice with quite a big portion only costs you IDR12,000! SO MUCH WIN! XD

Skewers – IDR10,000 – 12,000/pcs

Skewers – IDR10,000 – 12,000/pcs

You could choose what kind of skewers you’d like. Pork, chicken, intestines, just ask them what you want. The skewers was more savory then sweet, they also give you a clear sauce which tastes sweet and sour.

The Sauce
Skewers – IDR10,000 – 12,000/pcs

Binagoongan – IDR80,000 ++

I thought it looks like Kornet (corned-beef) at first, but turns out it wasn’t! Binagoongan is an authentic Filipino dish, involving pork sauteed in tomatoes and stewed in shrimp paste. It was a bit too sour for my taste, but then I thought this sour taste makes it more refreshing as well.

Binagoongan – IDR80,000++

The overall sauce that was used to saute/simmer was a bit oily, but when you only take the pork meat, they use the non-fatty parts of the pork, so it was very tender and flavorful.

Binagoongan – IDR80,000++

Sisig (Regular) – IDR90,000++

If you come to Astig, you should definitely order a batch of Sisig for yourselves because it’s their signature dish!

Sisig is made from parts of a pig’s head and liver, seasoned with calamansi and chili peppers. I am a very healthy and picky eater in the first place, so I wouldn’t even dare to try this thing in the first place. However, my friend insisted that I should try it, so I did…. It’s actually pretty nice!

Sisig (regular) – IDR90,000++
Sisig (regular) – IDR90,000++

It was very oily  in general, but when you ate it with rice, the rice balanced it out. You couldn’t really tell that you were eating the insides of a pig because everything was chopped to pieces, and sauteed & seasoned uniformly. It was sooo FRAGRANT and flavorful. Very savory and a bit spicy. I think any pork eaters would really love this.

For non-pork eater, no worries because they also provide a version of Sisig using BEEF! If you want a healthier and less oily version, you could also try the Sisig using Fish meat.

Sisig (Regular) – IDR90,000++
Sisig (regular) – IDR90,000++

They have a regular and large portion. I can’t imagine what a ‘large’ would look like, because the regular portion itself can at least feed 2 people (if they only order sisig and not try any other menu).

Sinigang (Fish) – IDR60,000++

Sinigang is a traditional Filipino soup with a sour and savory taste in general. I think the sour taste resembles tamarind, but please correct me if I am wrong… 🙂

Sinigang (Fish) – IDR60,000

It was very refreshing due to the sour and savory taste. It also helps to really cleanse your overall taste buds and appetite after eating the savory/oily food. I really like the Kangkung (water spinach) because it was cooked very nicely, not under/oversooked. The Kangkung still retains its natural crunchy texture that I really liked.

Sinigang (Fish) – IDR60,000++

They use Nile Tilapia fish (Ikan Nila) that has been boned out so you’d skipped the terror of kids (or adults) choking on fish bones. If you don’t like fish, they also have a version of Sinigang using beef or pork.

Bagoong Fried Rice – IDR55,000++

I loovvee the fried rice! It’s very fragrant and savory! In layman terms, it’s pork fried rice using pork belly (‘samchan’).


The portion size is HUGGEE! It was shaped and heavily stuffed to a size of a big bowl – very dense and moist. I think you could feed 3 to 4 people in one plate!

Bagoong Fried Rice – IDR55,000++

Stir Fried Broccoli – IDR50,000++

I love the stir fried broccoli, especially after eating heavy pork-based dishes! The brocoli was stir fried nicely. It wasn’t overcooked so it is still crunchy but not hard and raw at all. I like the fragrance (I think it’s from sesame oil..??) as well!

Stir Fried Broccoli – IDR50,000++

Lechon Kawali – IDR95,000++

This is officially my FAVORITE dish so far! It’s crispy fried pork belly, similar to what you get in a traditional Chinese Hainan Rice or nasi campur too..

Lechon Kawali – IDR95,000++

Although it is made out of pork belly (‘Samchan‘), The amount of fat wasn’t overwhelming at all. In fact, the part of non-fatty pork meat was plenty. It was sooo fragrant, savory, and crispy… Loved it!

Lechon Kawali – IDR95,000++

Leche Flan – IDR25,000++

This is a traditional Filipino caramel/custard dessert. The taste was very soft, almost like a beautiful combination of egg custard and pannacotta in my opinion.

Leche Flan – IDR25,000++
Leche Flan – IDR25,000++

The sauce was a bit too sweet for me, so I leave the sauce and just eat the custard on its own. I really loved the texture and taste of this dessert! Reminds me of my mom because she really love Pannacotta dessert (Love you mom!).

Halo-Halo – IDR35,000++

The name was quite intriguing so I googled it. In literal meaning, halo-halo means ‘mixed together’. It’s a popular Filipino dessert where evaporated milk is mixed together with various ingredients such as red beans, jelly, jack fruit, bananas, coconut,-etc.

Halo-Halo – IDR35,000++

Don’t be fooled by its plain and simple presentation. This dessert was very refreshing! It wasn’t too sweet and there were lots of toppings mixed inside. They put the lache flan and taro paste on top. The portion was enough for 2 or 3 people.

The Lache Flan on top was actually a very ingenious idea because the sauce that was initially too sweet adds to the slightly bland flavor of the shaved ice, making it sweeter but more fragrant from the caramel!

They also create a home-made taro paste. You could tell the effort put into the taro paste because it really tastes like more taro than mere sugar. It’s not too sweet and the taro was thick, moist, and dense.

Halo-Halo – IDR35,000++

If you are not a very adventurous person, the Lechon Kawali (crispy pork belly) really suite Indonesian taste in my opinion. You DEFINITELY must try the Lechon Kawali and the Sisig – it was very good! For dessert, I really love the Halo-Halo and Leche Flan.

I really had a pleasant experience at ASTIG. I thought the price was very fair compared to portion, quality, taste, and location of the restaurant. It’s definitely an under-rated restaurant probably due to simpler decor and the niche food segment they served. Overall it’s a very suitable place for a casual lunch with your family and friends!

ASTIG Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok A No. 53, Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta


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