Nalu Bowls – Kemang, Jakarta

From Bali to Jakarta, the healthy crowd pleaser of all time – NALU BOWLS is now here at Kemang area!


I was hyped ever since the first time I’ve heard of Nalu bowl opening a branch in Jakarta, so here I was was happily munching on their healthy, guilt-free, satisfying smoothie bowl!



It was drizzling and kind of gloomy when I came, so the lighting was not in our favor, but it’s alright because it’s the experience that counts!

Even though it was drizzling and a bit cold, the place was still PACKED FULL of people! Some even eat while standing up, others opt to just buy for takeaways. There was quite a lot of tourists coming too. It’s a small bar packed full of diverse people of diverse backgrounds!


Even though it was packed full of people (I didn’t even get a seat until my second bowl arrived), the service was still fast and friendly. FYI, if you are thinking of taking it for takeaways, don’t worry because it won’t melt but gets slightly thicker instead (from personal experience!). However, you’ll have to pay an extra IDR5,800 for their paper bag..



There’s 6 variations of smoothie bowl, not a lot, but I still have an extremely difficult time which one i should try!

Uluwatu – IDR70,000++

Topped with banana, mango, strawberries, homemade granola, and honey, this smoothie bowl was very light and refreshing! A perfect blend of naturally sweet and sour tropical fruits!

Uluwatu – IDR70,000++
Uluwatu – IDR70,000++
Uluwatu – IDR70,000++
Uluwatu – IDR70,000++

J-Bay – IDR60,000++

This is a protein packed smoothie bowl with a perfect blend of peanut butter, banana, honey, and soy milk. For all of you who doesn’t like fruits, or in the mood for sweeter and a bit of guilty-pleasure food, J-Bay is perfect for you!


It almost tastes lake nutella, peanut-butter and banana milkshake. Very thick and not too sweet. A sweet smoothie bowl of healthier option while still involving great indulgence.




The portion size was quite big. If you are hungry, you’ll definitely satisfy your hunger with 1 whole smoothie bowl. Otherwise, you can share 1 bowl for 2 people and still have plenty to share for the both of you.

Overall they offer delicious and healthy food. However, I wished they expand the place since it was a bit too small for the roaring crowd of people coming to try their delicious smoothie bowl. I would definitely come and try other variations next time!

Nalu Bowls Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Jl. Kemang Timur 69D, Kemang, Jakarta


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