SIXTYNINE Coffee – Pluit, Jakarta

If you are an avid coffee lovers, there’s another sweet-spot coffee corner at Pluit, North Jakarta, and you are sure to love it!


SIXTYNINE Coffee is located right beside Izakaya Kai, since I just had my lunch at Izakaya Kai, I only try a cup of coffee over here.


The place wasn’t very big, but it was very homey and cozy. They even have a small private room designed like your typical comfy and cozy living room – complete with a TV set inside!


Caffe latte – IDR30,000++

I am not a big fan of coffee, but the coffee at SIXTYNINE Coffee was SO GOOD, I really can’t emphasize this enough – VERY GOOD (to my taste that is… pardon my exaggeration! haha)

Caffe Latte – IDR30,000++

Their coffee tends to be bitter then sour. What I really liked about their coffee is that it is still fragrant but soft. The aftertaste was not too apparent, it’s very soft and faded/melted instantly when you chug it down. I can’t really describe it in proper words, so i guess you should just come and try it!

It was such a shame because service is a bit too slow. It took quite some time to get just a simple cup of coffee. I initially intend to order a batch of appetizers, but it wasn’t out even after waiting for almost half an hour. In the end, we cancelled our order because we have other appointment waiting.

Regardless, it was a good thing that the server treat is patiently and kindly, thus the friendly service really toned down our disappointment for the slow service.


Though I am not an experienced coffee connoisseur, this was definitely one of my best cup of coffee. The only negative constraint bugging me was their slow service. Otherwise,  Given a chance, I would really love to come again since the atmosphere was really conducive for you to have a nice chit-chat with a small group of friends, or just have a small time-out period and be at peace with yourself.

SIXTYNINE Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Jl. Pluit Kencana No. 69, Pluit, Jakarta


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