Tanamera Coffee ft. Milkbar – PIK, Jakarta

20161022155501-crop_small.jpgAny coffee/cafe lover would know Tanamera coffee – a brand that is famous for its coffee, winning several international roaster awards already.

Tanamera coffee recently opened its 5th outlet at Pantai Indah Kapuk. This particular outlet also features the artisinal gelato from Milkbar, offering a colorful display of gelato and sorbet collections for avid dessert lovers.


You could easily spot the establishment with its huge and signature red-and-black signage. The interior inside was slightly dim and dark, but I really liked its classic yet minimalistic designs.



Cold brew – IDR35,000++

I really like the cold brew! There are 2 variations : one with a slight fruity flavor (white) and the other is more like a regular cold-brew latte.

The milk-based cold brew was very fragrant and doesn’t leave an unpleasant sour aftertaste.The white brew was very light – almost like water when you take the first gulp, but then you can taste the coffee and a slight sour after-taste afterwards. Since i do not like sour aftertastes, I favor the milk-based cold brew better.


Cheese Latte

I was intrigued by the idea of cheese in my coffee (especially when I absolutely love cheese), so I decided to give it a try. It was surprisingly good! You couldn’t really taste the cheese, it became more creamy and a bit sweeter than your regular latte.


Red Latte – IDR35,000++

Red latte – IDR35,000++

Mocha Latte – IDR40,000++

The Mocha Latte was more chocolate than coffee, so it would suit the taste of those who doesn’t like their coffee strong.

Mocha latte – IDR40,000++


Aside from the famous coffee, and a wide selection of artisinal gelato from milkbar, Tanamera Coffee at PIK branch also offers a unique brunch menu selection only available at PIK branch!

Croissants – IDR55,000++

These are croissants served with bacon and scrambled eggs with spicy hollandaise and salad. The croissant is crispy and have a very delicious buttery smell. The scrambled eggs are OUT OF THIS WORLD! Me and all of my foodie friends agreed that this is the BEST scrambled eggs we’ve ever tasted so far.

It was very light and creamy, perfect texture of scrambled eggs that is still a bit soft, runny and not hard/overcooked. The mix of cheese inside makes it even more appetizing! two thumbs up!

Croissants – IDR55,000++
Croissants – IDR55,000++

These croissants are usually served with pork ham, so you could just tell the waiter if you’d like to take out the pork ham out of the croissants. Don’t worry, the scrambled eggs is the superstar of this dish so you wouldn’t really notice!

Fried egg benedict – IDR75,000++

The fried egg benedict also have a halal and non-halal version, so feel free to make a special request and they would gladly accommodate you!

Fried egg benedict – IDR75,000++
Fried egg benedict – IDR75,000++

It was good but I thought a few points of improvements would do great. A golden lava-like runny egg yolk would be a sight to behold. While the crust was moist inside and crunchy outside, I think it is a bit too thick and bland, thus completely overpowering the eggs.


Early riser – IDR75,000++

Another brunch favorite! Although positioned as a brunch menu, the portion is perfectly fitting for lunch as well!

Early riser – IDR75,000++

The early riser features Tanamera special brioche with corned beef, scrambled eggs, caramelized onion, and tasty cheddar cheese. The brioche was thick and dense, and while I’d rather choose a regular beef patty over corned beef, these corned beef patties are very soft and savory! The scrambled eggs are without a doubt my absolute favorite!

Early Riser – IDR75,000++

Corn Fritters – IDR69,000++

A beautiful presentation of a simple corn fritters with avocado salsa on the sides. The corn fritters are very thick and moist, and the avocado salsa are very good -light and fresh! A friend of mine that really favors Mexican food absolutely adores their avocado salsa!

Corn Fritters – IDR69,000++
Corn Fritters – IDR69,000++

Thai Green Curry – IDR85,000++

Thai green curry – IDR85,000++

These green curry are comparable to the green curry served at a Thai restaurant! The coconut milk used was very thick and intense, extremely fragrant and flavorful! The chicken was very tender, lean, and moist!

Thai green curry – IDR85,000++

Ginger and Shallot Dory Fish – IDR100,000++

Ginger and shallot dory fish – IDR100,000

I love the fragrant smell of ginger and shallot. The dory was very tender and well-marinated! I suggest to eat it while just slightly dipping the fish in the sauce because it is a bit too salty when the sauce is eaten on its own.

Ginger and shallot dory fish – IDR100,000++

Oxtail soup – IDR85,000++

The oxtail soup tastes mild and flavorful. I love the use of cloves spice (‘cengkeh‘)! It may be too overpowering for some people, but it works very well for me! The oxtail was also very tender so it’s easy to eat!


Pork Ribs – IDR135,000++

Pork Ribs – IDR135,000++
Pork Ribs – IDR135,000++

Officially one of the best pork ribs! The crispy pork ribs was said to be braised for more than 10 hours before further processing. It was extremely tender, fragrant, and flavorful. Everything blends perfectly and it absolutely suits my taste very well!


Lost in the forest (French toast) – IDR90,000++

Lost in the forest – IDR90,000++


The french toast is as delicious as it looks! Very thick and dense, yet moist, soft and flavorful (but not too sweet). They also use raspberry curd which gave a twist of sweet and sour flavour, strawberry meringu, chocolate soil, and vanilla gelato. Favorite dessert from Tanamera!


Waffle – IDR45,000++

Pretty-looking waffle creation from milkbar. It was too bad because when it was served, it already gets cold. Otherwise, the waffle was pretty dense and filling, not too bad at all.

Waffle – IDR45,000++

Very festive looking, isn’t it…?


Sweet 16 – IDR120,000++


Sweet 16 – IDR120,000++

Oh my.. Any ice cream lover would scream in happiness! 16 mini gelatos from 16 assorted gelato by Milkbar in one batch. The bailey, rum raisin, pistachio, and earl grey is my absolute favorite!



Sweet 16 – IDR120,000++

I really love the brunch menu selections. Everything was crafted well, made to look and taste good. Even the worst dish is not too bad, just ‘mediocre’, all others are delicious!


I would recommend coming here with your friends or loved ones especially when craving for brunch food (Scrambled eggs = too die for!). When your significant other is not feeling like having brunch food, Tanamera also offer other ‘heavier’ dish that is delicious as well! Coffee lovers should also try their coffee brews – absolutely amazing!

Tanamera Coffee Roastery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Ruko Gallery 8, Blok EK & EL, Jl. Pantai Indah Utara 2, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta


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