D’Village Food Center – Tomang, Jakarta

D’Village Food Center is a food center that was opened not too long ago. Inspired by the scenery of a beautiful traditional Indonesian village (complete with straw huts), D’Village Food Center provides such pleasing atmosphere and a scenery while enjoying food with your loved ones.


As expected from its decor, D’Village Food Center features various traditional Indonesian food from many Indonesian regions. So even when some people in your group doesn’t like a particular food, they have plenty of food choices to eat. It’s almost like a mini foodcourt with its own mini garden.


Soto Bening/Santan

Soto is a traditional Indonesian soup by using broth, meat and vegetables. You can choose to have a clear broth Soto or another version using coconut milk. In my opinion both are quite nice and flavorful. The one with the coconut milk is quite thick and heavy. Some of my foodie friends said that it needs a much more savory kick, but I think it worked just fine on its own.

Soto Bening (Clear Broth)
Soto Bening (clear broth)
With coconut milk
with coconut milk


Panada – IDR6,000

Panada is a traditional Manado fried tuna-stuffed bread/pastry. The size was quite big and the tuna inside was well-marinated giving it a very savory and flavorful piece of Panada.

Panada – IDR6,000

Bakmie DT – IDR25,000++

Bakmie DT – IDR25,000++
Bakmie DT – IDR25,000++

I love the colorful presentation of these noodles. Even though I ate it dry with no broth, it was still very savory and flavorful. The noodle’s aren’t over/under cooked and it’s very fragrant as well!

Nasi Uduk Komplit – IDR30,000++

Nasi Uduk komplit – IDR30,000++


Nasi Uduk is another Indonesian-styled steamed rice cooked with coconut milk, making it much more fragrant and flavorful than your normal white rice. The taste here was just ‘okay’ in my opinion. You could taste and smell the coconut milk from the rice, but it wasn’t too distinct and not as fluffy as I’d like them to be. The chicken was also slightly too hard, I guess it was a bit over cooked.

Nasi Goreng (fried rice) – IDR25,000++

The fried rice was not bad. It’s nice and savory. The most important component of a nice fried rice is the rice itself – it shouldn’t be too wet that it sticks together, but not too dry and hard as well. I thought the rice was cooked well, but then it was still not the best fried rice.

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) – IDR25,000++


Songsui – IDR25,000++

Songsui? What is that? Yep, today is the first for me too.. Turn out Songsui is a traditional soup dish from Bangka region. It’s traditionally served using pork broth, fried pork skin, innards of a pork, and pork itself. However, since I can’t eat any kind of innards, I choose the meat-only songsui.

Songsui – IDR25,000++
Songsui – IDR25,000++

I’ve never had Songsui before so I am not a good judge of Songsui. However, As a first-time eater, it tastes pretty good! In fact, it’s one of my most favorite dish here! It’s very fragrant and savory. You got  the soft texture from the meat and eggs, and a bit crunchy texture from the pork skin. What’s more, the eggs were cooked perfectly to my liking. Loved it!



Overall it’s a pleasant experience dining at D’village. You feel like eating on your own garden. My only suggestion would be to add more air-conditioning system since it gets a bit warm when everyone gather and eat the piping hot food. Price wise, it was very much pocket-friendly, especially considering the location of the place.

 D'Village Food Center Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Jl. Gelong Baru Utara II No.2, Tomang, Jakarta


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