Melbourne Kitchen – Citos, Jakarta

Melbournites, do you miss a taste of Melbourne? Melbourne Kitchen is now open at Cilandak Town Square (CITOS), Jakarta, serving various mix of multicultural heritage with a touch of ‘Melbournian Flavor’ into it.


It’s decorated with a classic homey comfort with little details that reminds us of the subways we found abroad. I came here one day before Halloween and cute yet ‘scary’ decors are placed here and there.


Melbourne kitchen serves various menus from breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or just some light bites for y’all to enjoy.


You should absolutely try their smoothies! Very fresh and natural, no added sugar!

left to right: Peninsula, Buller, and Mornington at IDR48,500++ each

If you’d like your smoothie to be a bit more sour, fresh, and light, I suggest ordering the Peninsula (Dragonfruit, soursop, and yoghurt). If you’d like something more filling and a bit of a guilty pleasure, try the delicious Mornington (Strawberry, banana, and yoghurt)!

Finally, the Buller (all about mangoes) was my absolute favorite! Very refreshing! I thought mangoes would be too heavy for me, but it wasn’t! The texture was just right, and the mangoes were sweet with a slight sour kick which really makes my day!

Buller Smoothie – IDR48,500++

Mini Dim Sim – IDR25,900++

Looks like a fried dim sum which consists of meat, cabbage, and spices. It has textures that is a bit too soft and less meaty for me, a bit bland overall, but still good nevertheless..

Mini Dim Sim – IDR25,900++

Crispy Mushroom – IDR39,000++

Loved their crispy mushroom! Super crispy and savory, not oily at all! A perfect snack while chit-chatting with your friends!

Crispy Mushroom – IDR39,000++


Spam Fries – IDR45,000++

Personally one of my favorite snack at Melbourne Kitchen. Fried sweet potatoes and fried spam – a perfect sweet and savory snack combination. Nyuumm!!

Spam Fries – IDR45,000++

Sweet Potato Fries – IDR25,900++

The sweet potato fries is soft and sweet topped with savory fries seasoning.

Sweet Potato Fries – IDR25,900++

Popcorn Chicken – IDR39,000++

Another one of my favorite! I think both children and adults would love this snack as it is such a crowd pleaser. Similar to a mini chicken karaage, the popcorn chicken was deep fried perfectly – crispy, not too oily, and not overcooked thus making the chicken too hard to chew. What’s more important, chicken meat ratio is more than the crispy skin!

Popcorn Chicken – IDR39,000++

Truffle Fries – IDR45,000++

Truffle Fries – IDR45,000++

It was so fragrant and successfully make a whole foodie crowd drool over it. The truffle fragrant wasn’t too overpowering which was nice, not too salty either. I just thought it was a bit too oily for my taste.

OMG! Fries – IDR47,600++

OMG! Fries – IDR47,600++

Looks beautiful! French fries drizzled with salted caramel sauce and chocolate topped with vanilla ice cream.

Personally it was a bit too sweet for me. The caramelized fries was already sweet in itself, added by the vanilla ice cream which makes it a double sweet combo.


Lots of lite-bites to pick from, which one is your favorite??

Gyu Tan Don Wasabi – IDR69,300++

Gyu tan don Wasabi – IDR69,300++

I’ve never liked wasabi, but the use of wasabi in this dish wasn’t overwhelming but complimenting instead. The fragrant and taste was very nice, but the gyu tan (ox tounge) itself was a bit too hard for me.


Gyu tan don Original – IDR59,300++

It was so fragrant and savory! Very nice taste! My only complaint was that the gyu tan’s texture is a bit too hard a rubbery.

Gyu tan Don Original – IDR59,300++


Deep-fried crispy dory – IDR45,100++
Deep-fried crispy dory – IDR45,100++

Simply Thai Chicken – 59,800++

The chicken was very flavorful as the seasoning really seeps into the depths of the chicken meat. The vegetables, however, was a bit overcooked, thus the crunchy fresh vegetable flavor was gone.

Simply Thai Chicken – IDR59,800++

Chicken Namban – IDR43,300++

It was an ‘okay’ dish for me. The chicken was a bit too hard and there’s too much tar-tar sauce to my taste. I hoped it was more savory and fragrant because they already looked so perfect!

Chicken Namban – IDR43,300

Salted egg crispy dory – IDR61,500++

Salted egg crispy dory – IDR61,500++

Joining the salted egg hype, here comes melbourne kitchen’s Salted egg crispy dory! The salted egg was very distinct and vivid, it was crispy on the outside and tender dory fish on the inside. Very fragrant too! It was only too salty! It could easily be my favorite dish if only they reduce the saltiness level..


Sambal Matah w/ Crispy Chicken – IDR43,300++

Sambal Matah w/ Crispy Chicken – IDR43,300

I asked several of my foodie friends and we agreed that this was one of the best dish here. The sambal matah was truly delicious! Not too spicy, not too oily, very fragrant and savory. Even when you’ve eaten all the crispy chicken, you could eat the rice and sambal matah on its own and it was still good!



King of egg Chiffon – IDR52,000++

King of egg chiffon – IDR52,000++

Befitting to its name, the eggs were truly the king of egg chiffon! Cooked to perfection, not overcooked, still soft and fluffy, slightly runny on the top layer. They could add a bit more seasoning to the eggs and it would be perfect! For the chicken char-siu, I suggest eating it with the sauce because it gave you a whole new kick of flavor! The sauce was sweet, sour, and savory, a perfect blend of taste that compliment each other!


Pud Gra-Pow Chicken – IDR57,600++


These are classic stir-fried minced chicken with garlic and basil leaves. They sure put a generous amount of basil leaves because it has very distinct fragrant when you eat it. A bit too salty, but I like the fragrance and flavor.

Chicken Teriyaki – IDR43,300++

Chicken Teriyaki – IDR43,300++

A very unique twist on your usual chicken teriyaki because of the use of seaweed on their presentation. The chicken was tender, soft, sweet, and savory. I love the use of sesame seeds because it adds flavor and a bit of beautiful garnish towards the dish!


Smoothies Bowl – IDR50,300++

Smoothies Bowl  – IDR50,300++

I expected a thick and dense smoothie bowl (like your regular acai bowl). This was thick, but not as dense, because it literally is smoothie on a bowl. Thus it melts away more easily. Nevertheless, I still loved it because it’s very fresh and healthy. Not too sweet and sour, everything blends in perfectly!


Coconut Chia Pudding – IDR50,300++

Coconut Chia Pudding – IDR50,300++

I am honestly a big fan of these kinds of healthy super-food. Sadly, however, this wasn’t one of my favorite. It tastes kind of weird since the chia pudding was too bland and has a texture more similar to a thickened and reduced coconut milk. I guess it’s an either ‘you really like it or really dislike it’ kind of dish.

Coconut Chia Pudding – IDR50,300++

Overall the food served was nice. Most of their food was geared to be a bit too salty to my taste, yet the fragrant and flavor combination was good enough to raise my appetite. The ambiance was also very nice, perfect for a small mini gathering for your friends!

Melbourne Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

 Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 17, Cilandak, Jakarta


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