Pizza Nagih – Kemang, Jakarta

Whenever I heard ‘pizza’, I picture an image of melting Mozzarella cheese that could be pulled for days! In fact, I had just finished eating a slice of pizza when I remember this  particular pizza parlor in Kemang area, Jakarta.


Pizza Nagih went under the concept of an open kitchen, where you could see the pizza-making in the process. They have various pizza variations – beef, scallops, cheese, tuna, even to the likes of Oreo, Nutella, KitKat, and many other sweet/savory variations!

The Drinks

Let’s start with something cold and refreshing. I anticipated ‘real’ Baileys when I heard of its name. To my disappointment, it was more like coffee shake than Baileys shake. Nevertheless, despite my disappointment, it was an ‘okay’ drink, I just thought you could easily make it by blending ice and instant coffee at home..

The Orange Mint is filled with orange soda on top and some red syrup and mint leaves on the bottom. I personally like this better then the latter. The syrup makes it too sweet, but otherwise it was quite nice. A bit of a kick from the soda and the refreshing mint fragrance. Nyumm!

Everybody Love Meatza (M/L/P at IDR69,000/IDR99,000/IDR139,000++)

The pizza here is served in 3 sizes – Medium, Large, and Party size. Each priced differently at IDR69,000, IDR99,000, and IDR139,000++.

Everybody Love Meatza (Party Size – IDR139,000++)

It was a bit too bland for my taste. The cheese wan’t enough and there wasn’t enough meat for it to be called a ‘meatza’ pizza.

Everybody Love Meatza (Party Size – IDR139,000++)

On the bright side, the size was big enough for a party for sure! The dough was also quite nice – not too thick or too thin. It remains soft and fluffy even after being left cold.

Creamy Scallop (M/L/P – IDR69,000/IDR99,000/IDR129,000++)

Creamy Scallops Pizza
Creamy Scallops Pizza

I personally like this one better than the other. It was more fragrant and flavorful – it looks more appetizing too! My only downside was that the scallops tastes like salted scallops because it was waaayyyy to salty.

Creamy Scallops


Macaroni & Cheese

Macaroni & Cheese

I am not a huge fan of their Macaroni & Cheese. It was a bit too salty and so not cheesy for me. In addition, they added too much garlic that the smell of garlic lingers on my mouth even after swallowing.

Macaroni & Cheese
Macaroni & Cheese

Sweet Pizza

This is probably my favorite pizza out of all served. Desserts and pizza in one batch, who wouldn’t love it?? They even serve it in such a cute shape of hearts!

Sweet Pizza

You could customize your pizza according to the size and topping used. Served at Medium, Large, and Party size, each was priced at IDR29,000++, IDR59,000++, and IDR79,000++ respectively.


You could choose the sauce – Silverqueen, Nutella, or Toblerone, and some additional toppings such as Marshmallows, Oreo, Strawberry, Cheddar Cheese, Almonds, Kit Kat, Banana, and M&M’s at IDR9,000, IDR14,000, and IDR19,000 depending on the size you choose!

Although there is room for improvement, I feel like their pizza wasn’t that bad. You could just try their sweet pizza variation because it was quite nice in my opinion. The area was a bit hot but the service was nice and quick!

 Pizza Nagih Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Jl. Bangka Raya, Kemang, Jakarta


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