Berrywell – SCBD, Jakarta [FOODIE GATHERING]

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll notice that this isn’t the first time I’ve posted about my visit at Berrywell. You could walk down the memory lane and read my first post here.

Anyway, I was invited to Berrywell for a gathering with my foodie friends. I absolutely LOVE smoothie bowls and the likes of it, so I came here not only because of the invitation, but simply because I love the food.


Except for a few details in their decorations, not much has changed ever since my first visit. Oh! They have actually opened another branch at Senayan – Way to go with the expansion!


The place wasn’t too spacious, I think they could only retain 30 people at a maximum at this place. Yet, it was very pleasant and decorated very nicely – contemporary rustic, homey and minimalist style.

Berrywell also provide caloric information with all the menus they serve – a plus point for fellow dieters out there. Either way, I am so happy I get the chance to try a lot of items across their menus!

Cold Pressed Juice (Small/Regular – IDR35,000/IDR55,000++)

Need something quick and healthy on the go? Try their cold pressed juice! No sugar added, just pure and fresh fruits and vegetables, full of vitamins to support your busy day!

p1060073_smallp1060072_smallI personally liked the carrot gingerale (Carrot, Apple & Ginger). It’s sweet and not too ‘leafy’ in my opinion. However, if you does not like a strong ginger smell, I suggest you opt out of this option.

The Tropical Paradise (Pineapple, Apple, Sunkist) is a true crowd pleaser – the easiest for any beginner juice-drinker. It’s sweet and fragrant, almost link drinking your regular orange water!


Lemon Chia Cake – IDR40,000++

A very simple yet delicious cake. It’s dense but still a bit airy so you don’t feel too stuffed after eating a slice. Not too sweet and a slightly sour flavor from the lemon creates a refreshing taste. Loved it!

Lemon Chia Cake – IDR40,000++

Chocolate Banana Cake

If you are a true Berrywell fan, be prepared because they are about to launch a new healthy cake option! If you have yet to try Berrywell, you better try it now!

Chocolate Banana Cake

This cake is said to be vegan and gluten-free. I’d imagine a healthy cake to lose its ‘sinful beauty’, but this one definitely doesn’t! It doesn’t taste like a tasteless ‘healthy’ cake, it’s still sweet (but not overly so) and have a very nice thick and moist texture!



Berrywell Signature (S/R) – 153/306 calories @IDR45,000/IDR60,000++

This is one of my favorite smoothie bowl. It’s very light and refreshing. The sweet and sour was complimenting each other, none of which becomes more dominant than the other. We were told that they import the Acai berries directly from brazil to get the highest quality ingredients. They also have to go through much length and efforts to keep their products fresh because Acai berries quickly go bad within a few days.

Berrywell Signature (S/R) – IDR45,000/IDR60,000++
Berrywell Signature (S/R) – IDR45,000/IDR60,000++
Berrywell Signature

Pinna Colada (S/R) – 148/296 calories @IDR40,000/IDR55,000++

The Pinna Colada is one of the most favorite item on their menu. In fact, some of my friends were gobbling these so intently because they want to get a their good share of Pinna Colada bowl before it runs out! It really reminds you to the taste of summer, lounging in the beach!

Pinna Colada (S/R) – IDR40,000/IDR55,000++

Choco Chia Parfait (250 Calories) – IDR40,000++

I’ve never liked chia pudding because my first experience having them wasn’t good at all. However, Berrywell cured my dislike towards chia pudding!

Choco Chia Parfait – IDR40,000++

The choco chia parfait consists of chia seeds, coffee, honey, and multigrain milk. They also have some delicious cookie crumbles at the bottom. It’s really the exact opposite of your usual tasteless chia – sweet and flavorful with a slight crunchy texture!

Dragon-Bowl-Z (S/R) – 158/315 calories @IDR40,000/IDR55,000++

Consists of dragon fruit, mixed berries, banana, and coco water, this one tastes light and refreshing. Though much of their base is geared towards a more sour-like or bland-tasting fruits, the banana adds more density and sweetness which really compliments the whole flavor!

Dragon-Bowl-Z (S/R) – IDR40,000/IDR55,000++
Dragon-Bowl-Z (S/R) – IDR40,000++/IDR55,000++

PB&B (S/R) – 159/317 calories @IDR40,000/IDR55,000++

Just by the name, you would know that this is pure yumminess taking the form of a healthy guilty pleasure. I think it’s perfect for anyone who dislike the taste of fruits/vegetables. A very excellent choice for children too because it’s sweet from the banana and slightly nutty from the peanut butter. Loved it!!

PB&B (S/R) – IDR40,000/IDR55,000++

Green Energy (S/R) – 104/208 calories @IDR40,000/IDR55,000++

I never tried vegetable-based smoothie bowl because I thought that the leafy vegetable smell would really made it weird. However, this particular bowl does not have this funny smell I dislike so much!


Green Energy (S/R) – IDR40,000/IDR55,000++

The combination of  spinach with sunkist, banana, pineapple, and multigrain milk has completely submerged the funny leafy smell. The banana also adds a much more appetizing fragrance and sweetness.



Overall Berrywell is certainly one of the best cafe serving smoothie bowls in Jakarta. The price and size was also reasonable compared to other entity. I would definitely come back!

 Berrywell Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Fairgrounds, SCBD Lot 14, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, SCBD, Jakarta


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