Asiatale – Senopati, Jakarta

Located in the heart of one of South Jakarta’s culinary center, Asiatale offers contemporary Chinese & Dim sum cuisines. Befitting their culinary concept, the design of the restaurant exudes antique yet modern Chinese ornaments in every corner. The restaurant truly makes Chinese cuisine to be one that is as ‘fashionable’ and ‘modern’ as any hype cafes out there!



With dim-yellow lighting and red-and-black theme colored design, it’s a very elegant yet modern design. Asiatale truly breaks the usual ‘old’ and ‘traditional’ Chinese restaurant to one that contemporary and elegant as well.

They also serve various delicious and ‘Special Mix’ beverage, it looks so pretty and tastes so refreshing!

Sunset in Bali – IDR38,000++

This was a mix of Mango and Pineapple juice, yogurt, honey, and mint leaves. It was sweet, but not so sweet since it balanced out with the slightly sour yogurt. A treat indeed!

Beautiful Asia – IDR38,000++


I get why it’s called ‘beautiful’ because it was truly beautiful! This consists of fresh kiwi, strawberry, and orange juice layered accordingly, producing an array of beautiful tropical flowers. It was too bad that although it looks pretty, it wasn’t set exactly to my liking. The juice was so fresh (probably presented without sugar??) that it tastes mildly bland.

Roti Canai and Chicken Curry – IDR28,000++

I honestly thought this would taste just like any other Roti Canai, but this taste delicious! The Canai was not so thin and fragile, a bit thicker, almost like a puff pastry but not as thick. The Chicken Curry gave a kick of flavor in the slightly bland Roti Canai. An addicting appetizer indeed!

Roti Canai & Chicken Curry – IDR28,000++

Asiatale Har Gao (IDR24,000++)

Asiatale Har Gao – IDR24,000++

One of Asiatale’s menu signatures are its dim sum items. Indeed, their dim sum was delicious! The Prawn inside was huge, savory, and fresh & crisp! A whole different combination of textures & flavors in one bite!

Yam Fish Soup – IDR35,000++

The Yam Fish Soup is cooked with Yam, Fried snapper fillet, milk, coriander leaves & scallion. It taste mild and pleasant, a very good start even when you might have a bad stomach for the day.

Yam Fish Soup – IDR35,000++

Wonton Nori Soup – IDR23,000++

Wonton Nori Soup – IDR23,000++

It tastes just so-so, like any other Miso soup. It was too bad that the wonton filling wasn’t as thick as I want it to be.



Ho Chiak Fried Kway Teow (Seafood) – IDR57,000++

Ho Chiak Fried Kway Teow (Seafood) – IDR 57,000++

You can choose the topping – Plain, Duck Egg, or Seafood, it all differs by price. I tried the seafood kway teow and it was quite fresh and fragrant! Portion wise it was just right for one person, not too big nor too small. What I loved is that it’s not too oily and not too salty, just as the saying say – ‘Less is More’!

Deep Fried Fish with Thai Sauce – 68,000++

Deep Fried Fish with Thai Sauce – IDR68,000++

I initially thought that this was chicken, but it turned out to be fish (snapper) instead. The Thai sauce was not too strong and overpowering, it tastes just right to complement the fried fillet snapper. The fried snapper pieces was also quite thick and tender, not too oily either. Loved it!



I honestly missed the name of this dish but I really liked it! It tastes so much like black pepper beef, and it’s a plate of delicious beef indeed! I am quite picky when it comes to meat, and this one was so tender and flavorful!


2 Ways Kailan – IDR49,000++

2 Ways Kailain – IDR49,000++

This was a truly unique dish. They deep-fried the Kailan leaves until it’s crisp dry, and the Kailan stems were sauteed as is. The crispy kailan was quite nice since it has a very crunchy texture, but it wasn’t exactly to my liking since it became too dry and oily for my taste.


Portuguese egg tart – IDR24,000++

Portuguese egg tart – IDR24,000++

I was screaming with excitement when I saw these cute little baby egg tarts! It was so soft and flavorful, and although it wasn’t too big (bite-size), the filling was so thick and satisfying!


Pomelo Mango Sago – IDR30,000++

A very refreshing taste of tropical mango in one dessert! I thought it would taste even better if it was a bit thicker.

Pomelo Mango Sago – IDR24,000++

Avocado Pudding – IDR30,000++

Any avocado lovers must try this dessert! This is honestly one of the best avocado pudding! The avocado was so thick and distinct, it’s almost like thick avocado gelatin-puree instead of a pudding!

Avocado Pudding – IDR30,000++

I really thought Asiatale serves good quality and good tasting dishes. They have successfully embed a touch of contemporary modern Chinese culinary culture into their dishes. Recommended for many occasions!

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Jl. Suryo No. 15, Senopati, Jakarta


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