My Chia – Everything Superfood!

I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Smoothie bowls, granola, chia, and all of its sub-products. Why, you ask? Because they’re super yummy AND healthy at the same time! You’ll get refreshingly full after eating em’ too!

It’s nice that I’ve found an (online) store that provides my healthy cravings-MY CHIA !

Chianola – IDR38,000/135g – IDR155,000/650g

My Chia product specializes in using all super food that is both healthy and delicious. They cater to dieters & clean eaters needs (though I thought that it is as good as any other ‘normal’ cookies!). ALL of their products are chuck-full of fiber and protein – no added refined sugar!


I tried their Chianola & Chia Cookie product. Chianola looks similar to granola, but this one is different because they add a whole variety of dried fruits, seeds, and nuts – giving more texture, flavor, and of course – nutritious! Their main ingredients were rolled oats, chiaseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, dried cranberries, raisins, sesame seeds, cashews, almonds, and honey.

The Chia cookie, on the other hand, were ‘super cookies’ that uses NO FLOUR at all! They also use black strap molasses (natural sweetener that is safe for diabetic patients) and honey – no refined sugar at all! Their main ingredients were rolled oats, chia seeds, dried cranberries, raisins, eggs, butter, molasses, and honey!

Chia Cookies – IDR38,000/Jar – IDR105,000/Bowl

I personally love the Chia cookies. I thought that aside from being healthy, it’s also good for my gastric pains. I am having some pretty severe gastric pain these past few days, thus I must eat something filling and full of fiber. Their cookies are full of fiber that is filling and make you fuller longer!

I tried their classic favorite, PB N’ Berry, and Choco Forest cookies. They all tastes mildly similar to each other, but I liked the Classic favorite best! It wasn’t too sweet and truly breaks the ‘healthy food taste bad’ paradigm!

If you don’t really like strong nutty taste, don’t worry because their PB N’ Berry were nicely balanced – just slightly savory and have a nutty fragrant. The Choco Forest were also not too sweet. I think they use dark chocolate because you could definitely taste and smell the rich dark chocolate flavor inside – adding more taste to it without making it too sweet!

Chia Cookies – IDR38,000/Jar – IDR105,000/bowl

The Chianola were also great! The Choco Forest chianola is similar to the Chia cookies version, but I really liked the fragrant cinnamon roll Chianola! So fragrant and rich in taste and texture!

I was also quite surprised when I asked for their price list. I thought it would be quite pricey, but their starting price were only at IDR38,000! They’ve got some pretty cute packaging too (since I loovvedd collecting glass jars! XD)

It’s a recommended product not only for dieters and clean eaters, but also for any regular snacking session! It’s truly time for us to shift to a more health-conscious lifestyle!


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