Branche Bistro – Senopati

After attending a wedding party with a few of my friends, we decided that there should be an ‘after-party girls night out’, so there we were at Branche Bistro at 11 p.m.!

It’s quite a classy establishment with a modern simplistic touch to it. It’s almost midnight and you can hear loud music (not the pub-music type, though!) inside.


They have quite a lot of wine selections too, so if you are in for some wine you could just order em’ on the house!


We’ve already stuffed ourselves full during the wedding for we were just in for some snacks.

Crispy Dory Finger – IDR75,000++

Crispy Dory Finger – IDR75,000++

I wasn’t the one who ordered it, so I wasn’t too excited at first. When I took the first bite, however, I knew that this was definitely an underdog! I loved their crispy dory fingers! It was slightly too oily to my taste, but the overall texture and taste was superb!

Crispy on the outside while tender, piping-hot dory fish gapes wide open from the inside!

Apple Pie Cake – IDR48,000++

Apple Pie Cake – IDR48,000++

Loving their Apple Pie Cake! Filled with  “apple, brown sugar sponge cake, vanilla pastry cream covered with graham crackers & topped with classic pie dough” – that’s what it says on the menu. I love that it was light yet not too sweet, with a little tangy twist from the apple. I could eat this dessert even after having stuffed myself full with food!



It was a quick visit but I was quite satisfied with the food and service. I’ll look forward for coming here again for the second time, where I’ll definitely order one of their main course specialties!

 Branche Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Jl. Senopati No. 33, Senopati, Jakarta


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